Heliostyle presents iFancyWine, an intuitive easy to use application aiming at helping a wine enthouthiast like you to manage your personal wine experience. Have you ever had a wine at a restaurant or a diner with friends and then forgotten what it was?... Have you ever wanted to keep personal notes about this wine you had, where or when it was, with whom?... Are you looking for an application to manage your cellar and keep track of the wines you have?...


Then this application is for you.

iFancyWine will help you create your own wine database, store and organize the wines you tasted, liked, heard or read about. The application is supported by a simple yet sophisticated interface.


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Capture wine information such as:

      • Name
      • Producer
      • Vintage
      • Country and Region
      • Alcohol content
      • Price
      • Wine category
      • Grape variety
      • Food pairing





Rate your wine.

Share the wine with your firends on Facebook, twitter or simply by email.

Take a picture of the bottle or the label.

Add personal notes.

Add the wine to your cellar, favorites, or wish list.



Manage your own cellar. You can create as many cellars as you like. The application comes with one pre-configured, you just need to start adding your wine collection to it. Along with cellars you can also manage your wine wish list.



iFancyWine comes also with a search capability. Search your own database using several criteria for name, producer, country, region, and or type, etc...

The application comes as well with a comprehensive searchable glossary and help to guide you through the application.

For questions, suggestions, or comments about iFancyWine, please contact heliostyle. We drive to bring more feature to the application and your feedback is critical to us to improve your experience with iFancyWine.