French photographer based in New York City. I developed a passion for photography when I was 17. I started shooting with an Olympus OM-10 and was mainly taking Black and White pictures of urban landscapes in Paris and France. I moved to New York City in 2010 and quickly got a full frame digital camera that I mainly use currently though I still shoot in 35mm film as well from time to time.
Living in New York I continued shooting mainly urban landscapes. My photographs span from street photography to architecture. I like exploring abstracts and geometries, I use the urban sceneries as a mean to experiments those areas. I have traveled in several European and American cities where I document their different districts. I have published a series of albums on 12 European capitals named the "Cités visibles" (visible cities) all available on blurb site under my account sgraciet.
This site is a work in progress, but if interested in some prints or question do not hesitate to contact me at
You can also follow me on Instagram at @sgraciet_bnw where I post one picture on a daily basis.
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