French photographer based in New York City. I developed a passion for photography when I was 17. I started shooting with an Olympus OM-10 and was mainly taking Black and White pictures of urban landscapes in Paris and France. I moved to New York City in 2010 and quickly got a full frame digital camera that I mainly use currently though I still shoot in 35mm film as well from time to time.
Living in New York I continued shooting mainly urban landscapes. My photographs span from street photography to architecture. I like exploring abstracts and geometries, I use the urban sceneries as a mean to experiments those areas. I have traveled in several European and American cities where I document their different districts. I have published a series of albums on 12 European capitals named the "Cités visibles" (visible cities) all available on blurb site under my account sgraciet.
This site is a work in progress, but if interested in some prints or question do not hesitate to contact me at
You can also follow me on Instagram at @sgraciet_bnw where I post one picture on a daily basis.Finaly 
Finally, check my blog where I post from time to time new short series based on travel, events, exhibits, etc...

Master of Science in Optics and application of Lasers, France 1994
1995 - 2000 Researcher in modeling Electromagnetic Waves propagations in 3D. 
2000 - 2004 Software developer in Java in different startup companies in Seattle
2004 - present Application developer in finance, New York.

Self published books on blurb platform. The current series covers twelve different European capitals: Berlin, Vienna, Prague, Budapest, Oslo, Copenhagen, Vilnius, Riga, Tallinn, Zagreb, Ljubljana, and Rome.
Self published book on blurb platform. Architecture and interaction of structures between each other and their environment through simple or more complex geometries.
International Photography Awards, 2018, Honorable mention, category Architecture: other
Black and White magazine, winner of 2019 Single Photo Contest, December 2018, category architecture.
Salmagundi gallery, Open and Members Photography Exhibition, Jan 7-24 2019.
April - March 2019: Novado gallery, participant of collective exhibit “Ingenious Prospects”.
One Shot: street photography, International Photography Awards, 2019, Honorable mention, category street photography, urban scenery.
Salmagundi gallery, 42nd non-members Photography Exhibition, November 10-20 2020.
Released Heliostyle iOS application to provide a quick access to all my productions, January 2021. (see the App tab on this site).
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